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No more fear of regret!

You are here because you’ve achieved great success but feel pulled toward something else. 

When you think about making a bold move, you fear losing what you’ve gained and fear living a life of regret wondering what could have been.

You look at the people you love, the person you’ve become, and the life you live and long for more love, happiness, and joy. You wonder if more is possible today, or if more reserved for someday. 

Could your bold move bring you closer to a life of joy now?
Live today, not someday!

BASE Jump is a guide through the transformation necessary for your bold move. 

BASE Jump uses stories, data, and interactive exercises to break through the barriers that are keeping you stuck and to introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities!
Do you want to . . . 

  •  Live a life of no regrets
  •  Never be paralyzed with fear again
  •  Bring 100% of yourself to the world
  •  Drive maximum success and value
  •  Feel joy every single day
If so, you’re not alone.
I know how you feel!

I’ve been there and I know how it feels to be stuck and fear making a bold move. 

As a former Deloitte partner, I achieved the success I dreamed of. But the success didn’t feel nearly as awesome as I thought it would. 

I felt pulled to something deeply meaningful but fought it. 

I was so scared to lose all that I had gained. I was sad and in pain, and didn’t realize that I had so much more to gain by making a bold move.

Over time, the fear of regret – never knowing what could have been – became greater than the fear of losing what I had gained. I committed to changing my life and living full out – no regrets, bringing 100% of myself to the world no matter how scary it is, doing deeply meaningful work that impacts the world, and feeling joy every single day. 

This is your Journey from Fear to Clarity, Confidence, and Freedom!

Get ready for an interactive experience. 

I use stories, lessons learned, and data to help you understand the steps in the journey, but this is not about me, it’s about you and your jump! You’ll get involved through the exercises that will help you gain powerful clarity, think differently, and make real change. 

To aid you in preparation, I created the BASE Jump Kit Journal, which includes bonus exercises and a journal to record your journey. I highly recommend grabbing a BASE Jump Kit and completing it as you read BASE Jump. (You can add BASE Jump Kit as soon as you complete your order.)

After reading BASE Jump you will have powerful clarity, a new mental attitude, and the confidence to make your bold move and create a life you love! 

Get thrilled – this is going to be an awesome journey!

What People Are Saying . . .
Jan Kelchner
"BASE Jump is the book I was looking for a decade ago. The story connects with readers immediately. And the actionable steps Carrie provides, makes taking the jump with confidence and a higher success rate to achieve new dreams. After reading this book, you'll have zero excuses to creating a life and career you desire."

Jen Kelchner
Forbes Leadership Coach & CEO, LDR21

David Mariano
"BASE Jump is one of those books that will help you get out of your own way. If you feel stuck, confused or completely lost, Carrie will lead you out of the dark. But get ready to work - this book is not for the timid."

David Mariano
Director of Buy-Side M&A with Western Reserve Partners and founder of

Theresa Robinson
"With this book, Carrie Sechel has given voice to those who desperately desire to make a major life change but have just needed their courage to be fully and boldly activated. BASE Jump poses the singular burning question you’ve managed to evade and dismiss but now need to actually answer. "

Theresa M. Robinson
Author of O-Syndrome: When Work is 24/7 and You’re Not

Are you wondering what’s next?

I help people who want to live full out – people just like you – gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to drive maximum value, make an impact, and live a life you love. This requires that you understand and embrace each of four phases that you will go through over and over again. 

Get ready to learn about the phases it takes to launch you on your new journey!
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